Afan College Relaunches Student Common Room as ‘Caffi 53’

We have launched a new Starbucks Coffee Lounge at Afan College, it’s called Caffi 53. For the grand opening, students were treated to live music from local band Written in Kings, free coffee giveaways and a ‘live’ voting poll.

Students were then encouraged to pick their winning design by putting their own stamp on which logo they most preferred for the new Caffi 53. The name Caffi 53 relates to the year 1953 when Margam College of Further Education opened, now known as Afan College.

Campus Manager for NPTC Group of Colleges, Jane Morgan, commented: “The staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the event and the atmosphere was excellent. This is something that was well overdue at Afan College and we are looking into a possibility of using this venue as a ‘Live Lounge’ event on the last Friday of every month for local students to showcase their musical talents.

“We are on the lookout for students and/or bands who would be interested in performing; if this may be of interest to you then do share your feedback on VocalEyes and to your student representatives!”

The next event planned at Caffi 53 will be in aid of Children in Need on Friday 17 November.