A Look Back at College Life

David Macius, a former student at Brecon Beacons College (part of NPTC Group of Colleges), always had an interest in IT and technology and decided that the College was the best place for him to start his new venture.

When starting college David was amazed by the number of opportunities available and goes onto say: “The knowledge you gain in the IT course, is what drove me. Ranging anywhere from software development, engineering, line support, data analyst, administrator, architecture and design, applications specialist, project manager, game development, graphics designer, and much more.”

David plans to start his own business within the gaming industry, where he hopes to run a worldwide gaming community where people gather from across the world to play. As a budding gamer himself he adds: “What I liked about college, is that every tutor was great, everyone was friendly, the workload wasn’t too stressful, and that there were always support if help mas needed.”

When David started the College process he was worried about the new environment and says: “College may seem intimidating for the newcomers as it’s something completely new that they possibly haven’t gone through before, you will feel no different from the others and you’ll seriously have an amazing time!”