Course Overview

The Active IQ Fitness and Exercise in Personal Training course is a new and exciting employer-led qualification with the option to exit after the first year as a fitness instructor or to complete the second year and exit as a personal trainer. Year one: Level 2 – leading to a qualification as a fitness instructor. During the first year you will complete the gym instructing qualification at Level 2 and pick up additional modules in indoor cycling, circuit training and kettlebell sessions. In addition, you will have the opportunity to work with the general public and get to know the sport and leisure sector in great detail. Year 2: Level 3 – leading to a qualification as a personal trainer. During the second year, you will learn how to conduct consultations with personal training clients and develop your understanding of nutrition for sport and exercise performance as well as gain up-to-date sector-specific information. In additon, you will have the opportunity to access higher education degree programmes. This is located in the Sport and Public Services (SPS) department.