A Level Ancient History

Course Overview

A Level Ancient History has been designed to help learners develop their understanding of the ancient world and the legacy of the ancient world in today’s society.
A Level in Ancient History will enable learners to:
– develop a broad and extensive interest in the military, political, religious and social history of the ancient world
– acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of selected periods of ancient history and use this knowledge and understanding to formulate coherent arguments with substantiated judgements
– understand Greek and Roman history in the context of their neighbouring civilisations and the interrelations of these civilisations
– explore and evaluate the significance of events, individuals, issues, identities and societies in the history of the ancient world
– understand the nature of historical evidence from the ancient world and its scarcity to build an understanding of historical periods studied and the methods used in the analysis and evaluation of evidence

Students should develop:
– an understanding of how the ancient past has been represented by ancient historians
– an understanding of historical concepts such as change, continuity, causation, consequence and significance within the context of the historical periods studied
– an awareness and understanding of relevant historical debates and how these can be investigated
– the ability to make connections and draw comparisons between different periods, individuals, issues, identities and societies

Learners taking the AS Level in Ancient History will need to study significant events, individuals, societies, developments and issues within their broad historical context.

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  • Entry Requirements

    A minimum of six GCSEs at Grade C or above including English Language and a related GCSE subject

  • Career Prospects

    A Level in Ancient History provides a suitable foundation for the study of Modern History, Law, English, Politics, Ancient History or other Classics courses in further and higher education.

  • Course Details

    Learners will study TWO period studies. The period studies will allow learners to study the unfolding narrative of a substantial span of Greek and Roman history of at least 75 years. The length of the period study will encourage learners to develop their interest in, and understanding of the important events, individuals, developments and issues, and provides sufficient chronological range to be able to comment on change, both short-term and long-term. Component 01 is a source-based Greek period study focusing on the relationships between Greek city-states and also the relationships between Greek city-states and the Persian Empire in the period 492–404 BC. Component 02 is a source-based Roman period study focusing on the Julio-Claudian dynasty, from 31 BC to AD 68.

  • Assessment

    Ancient History Title Assessment type 01 Relations between Greek states and between Greek and non-Greek states
    492 – 404 BC External Assessment 1 hour 30 mins 02 The Julio-Claudian Emperors
    31 BC – AD 68 External Assessment 1 hour 30 mins

Study Mode



Neath College - 01639 648000

Course Length

2 years