AS Level / A Level Further Maths (Full-Time)

Course Overview

The AS Level / A Level Further Maths is a Full-time Further Education course within the Sixth Form Academy (SFA). It is designed for gifted mathematicians and those who wish to pursue a career in mathematics or similar fields.

There is the option to additional modules in maths, allowing a greater depth of study, giving students a wider knowledge base. This would allow student to achieve a second AS or A level in mathematics.

This is particularly useful for students wishing to undertake a degree in Mathematics or Engineering. Further Mathematics has to be studied in addition to AS/A level mathematics. The AS level in Further Mathematics is worth 40 percent of the overall A level.

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  • Entry Requirements

    A minimum of six GCSEs at Grade C or above including. A* in GCSE Mathematics Recommended A*.

  • Course Modules

    Unit 1: Further Pure Mathematics (13.3% of A level): Proof, Complex Numbers, Matrices, Further Algebra and Functions, Further Vectors.

    Unit 2: Further Statistics: (13.3% of A level): Random Variables and the Poisson Process, Continuous Probability Distributions, Poisson and Exponential Distribution.

    Unit 3: Further Mechanics: (13.3% of A level): Momentum and Impulse, Hooke’s Law, Work Energy and Power, Circular Motion.

    To proceed to A2 level further mathematics you are expected to achieve a grade D at AS level.

    Unit 4 is compulsory, but then students can chose between Unit 5 and 6.

    Unit 4: Further Pure Mathematics: (35% of A Level): Complex Numbers, Matrices, Further Calculus, Polar Coordinates, Hyperbolic Functions, Differential Equations.

    Unit 5: Further Statistics: (25% of A level): Samples and Populations, Hypothesis Testing, Estimation, Statistical Distributions. Unit 6 Further Mechanics: (25% of A level): Rectilinear Motion, Momentum and Impulse, Equilibrium of Rigid bodies, Centre of Mass.

  • Additional Costs

    There will be additional course-related costs.

Study Mode



Neath College

Course Length

2 years