Course Overview

The Foundation for Building Engineering Services is a brand new qualification where you study two trade experiences:

• Plumbing and Domestic Heating
• Electro technical systems and equipment. (Electrical Installation)

We ask students to choose a main interest between the two trades for us to group you accordingly for future progression, although we know this can change as you progress.

This is your starting point on your journey to become a qualified Plumbing and Heating Engineer or Electrician!

At our Newtown campus both trade experiences are run on the same campus. At our southern campuses, students who are more interested in plumbing will be based at Neath and students more interested in electrical will be based at our Afan campus. Please apply to the relevant campus to suit your interest.

You will cover practical craft skills, job knowledge and advanced trade techniques in plumbing and electrical installation. You will also learn the interpretation of construction drawings and the calculation of materials and costings. Students are also encouraged to participate in Skills Competitions as a means of enhancing their practical ability and developing higher level skills.