Course Overview

Also available as a Part-Time or Evening option – please select ‘Click here to contact us’ for more information.

Also available as a Part-Time option – please select ‘Click here to contact us’ for more information.The Level 3 Diploma in Criminology is a qualification with elements of Psychology, Law, and Sociology that complements studies in humanities. This is designed for students who are interested in researching crimes, working as a criminologist, or becoming a scientist in the industry. This is located in the Sixth Form Academy (SFA).

This is a Level 3 qualification that is broadly equivalent to an AS/A level, where the Level 3 Certificate will be completed in the AS year and the Level 3 Diploma is completed in the A-Level year.

Criminology is the study of crime from a social perspective: the causes of crime, the social impact of crime, and the criminals involved in the crime.

Criminologists study criminology in an attempt to better understand what motivates the criminal to act criminally. Their work is generally focused on the study of:
– Theories explaining illegal and/or deviant behaviour
– The Social Reaction to Crime
– The Political Terrain of Social Control
– The Effectiveness of Anti-Crime Policies
– Criminals
– Crimes
– Crime Victims

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