Centre of Excellence for British Vocational Education in China (CEBVEC)

The Centre of Excellence for British Vocational Education in China is a service program offering participants a professional and standardised Vocational Education system of delivery based on evidence-based student-centred learning. This practice is accepted in most developed countries. The Centre of Excellence model has also been well received in other countries as well as China, India, The Middle East, Vietnam and Thailand.

CEBVECs contribute towards vocational education system development for secondary, higher vocational colleges in China and the applied undergraduate colleges, produces high-quality teaching teams and delivery graduates with technical skills training, employment, and education progression, and boosting Chinese colleges and universities in enhanced international influence and competitiveness. Introducing British vocational education resources and delivery standards attracts senior vocational education teaching experts, integrates major construction techniques, teacher training, and quality assurances and assessments. Students integrated and benefit from the whole process and internationalised Student-centred learning approaches.

NPTC Group of Colleges enables TVET systems to work sustainably and cohesively. CEBVEC has set up its headquarters in the UK and has a China office based in Beijing, which is responsible for the development of partnerships between high-quality vocational colleges in the UK and China’s secondary, higher vocational and application-oriented undergraduate colleges.

CEBVEC is supported by leading institutions in the UK, including the British Council, The House of Lords, Welsh, and UK Central Government. It is designed to support the progression of China’s economic development policies, internationalising teaching techniques and improving the skill levels as recognised at international standards, for Highly Skilled Human Resource Supply Chains to key export initiatives, e.g., Chinas Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and in the graduate’s overall contribution to Chinese social and economic development. CEBVEC takes the standards and methodology as adopted in the United Kingdom Further Education Sector, although enables and encourages local Chinese characteristics in the focus of its outcome and employability of graduates.

China Office Contact Details

Website: www.cebvec.org

E-mail: China-office@cebvec.org

Tel: (086)10-62129889

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