We realise how important it is to have a safe and comfortable place to live. Our host family accommodation is carefully selected.

All our International Students live with host family accommodation if you are coming to the UK for the first time. Living with a family will help you learn all about British family life and give you an opportunity to practice your English at the same time. Even if you would rather live by yourself, living with a family for the first few months will help you settle in and adjust to your new life in the UK.

Your Homestay family will provide you with a comfortable and warm room and space to study – usually, you will have broadband access to the Internet from your home. Your family will provide you with breakfast, an evening meal throughout the week and all your meals at the weekend.

You will have full and open access to washing and laundry facilities. But just as importantly, your family will treat you like a real member of the family, and if you wish to accept, they will include you in family visits and events – they will quickly feel like your ‘second’ family.

As you would expect, like your own home, you will live by the rules of the house and show the family respect. It’s a great cultural experience and you will learn so much about the local culture – a life experience that you will never forget!