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Student Absence

If you are off College ill, you must report your absence through before 9:30am for each day of illness. Failure to do so will affect your EMA being paid.

For absences of 5 or more consecutive college days, a medical certificate from your doctor will be required. This should be submitted to their Course Tutor on your return to college. You will need to meet with your Course Tutor when you return to ensure that you are given the work that you have missed during your absence.

Please note that regular single day absences are not acceptable and will be challenged. They will also affect EMA and WGLG payments. Students should NOT arrange routine doctor/dentist appointments or driving lessons when they should be attending classes and holidays must NOT be taken in term time.

Only one episode of Authorised Absence is permitted in each half term, and this includes such things as driving tests, family funerals, etc. More details about Authorised and Unauthorised Absence will be found on the student Moodle system.

Student Discipline

We want everyone to enjoy their time at College and we expect good behaviour from all students, including respect for others.

The Student Code of Conduct explains our key rules and regulations.

Students should familiarise themselves with this policy which can be found on Moodle.

We have a formal Student Disciplinary Procedure. Staff will make students aware of any issues of concern. All students are normally entitled to go through each stage of the Student Disciplinary Procedure (other than for serious offences). However, there may be times when the nature of the behaviour results in a written warning or exclusion even though it may be the first time such behaviour has taken place.

There are normally 4 stages to the Student Disciplinary Procedure:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Written warning
  3. Final written warning
  4. Serious misconduct, leading to exclusion

Where appropriate, we will involve parents/guardians in the Disciplinary Process; this will usually be regarding instances of repeated behavioural problems and/or serious incidents

The College’s Responsibility to provide information to Parents, Guardians or Carers

We are committed to developing closer relationships with all parents, guardians, and carers of students who are aged under 18 and providing you with as much information on their progress as possible. However, there are some restrictions on the information we can provide you with due to the Data Protection Act 1998.

In some circumstances, in order to comply with the Data Protection Act, it may be necessary for us to obtain permission from students before we can provide information about them. Due to the Data Protection Act restriction, we are unable to provide parents with information immediately over the phone.

We will take their details and phone back, once we have verified that we are able to provide them with the information requested.

For students over 18, the law does not recognise any rights of parents, guardians or carers to information about their children. It would also be a breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 if we ignored an express wish from a student that information should not be released. However, even with these restrictions, we will continue to maintain close contact with your parents/guardians.

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