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The Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales (AdvSBW) qualification is an exciting new Level 3 qualification that supports students to become effective, responsible and active citizens, equipping them with the skills for future study or to enter the job market. The qualification has primarily been designed for students aged 16-19, and can be taken alongside other Level 3 qualifications, including A levels.


Our two-year course is made up of 3 projects: Global Community Project, Future Destination Project, and Individual Project. You will develop and apply the 4 Integral skills and have opportunities to develop the 3 Embedded skills. Students will take part in a variety of exciting activities and contexts which will be based on the United Nations sustainable development agenda and Wales’s Well-being Goals as defined by the Well-being of Future Generations Act (Wales).


You will develop a range of skills which are attractive to employers, colleges and universities including:

Integral skills
  • Planning and Organisation
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Personal Effectiveness
Embedded skills
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Digital Competence
Global Community Project (25%)

You will select a global issue to investigate, share your knowledge with others and take part in a community action.

Future Destination Project (25%)

You will gain an understanding of yourself, explore future employment and wellbeing goals, and plan how you can achieve this.

Individual Project (50%)

You will plan, manage, and research a topic linked to your future education or career aspirations, and create a written dissertation or an artefact.

The qualification is the equivalent of an A Level and is graded A*-E.


This qualification allows you to develop important skills that you can take forward whether you are moving on to university, training or employment. Developing these skills will help you become an effective, responsible and active citizen and can have a profound effect on your future success and wellbeing.

“The Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales develops valuable problem-solving skills, by providing relatable problems to which learners can productively work towards proposed solutions. It allows learners to analyse information, to consider multiple approaches to a problem and whilst working collaboratively, recommend creative solutions”.

Rebecca Davies – Chief Operating Officer at Engineering Education Scheme Wales Ltd

“The Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales qualification will support our A Level and vocational learners across the Group to ensure that they are fully equipped with not only the knowledge to succeed, but also with the skills highly valued and sought-after by higher education and employers”.

Naomi Davies – Core Skills Manager at NPTC Group of Colleges