Flexible Skills

Everyday skills in maths and English

Everyday Skills are free, flexible online courses offered in partnership with OpenLearn Cymru. These courses are ideal for anyone who wants to refresh and improve their everyday English reading, writing and/or maths ability.

Follow the links below to sign up for the courses on the OpenLearn Cymru site. You can access some course content without signing up, but in order to complete the course, you will need to create a learning account.

Relevant topics will develop your communication and numeracy skills whilst learning how to apply them to your everyday home and work life.

OpenLearn Homepage

You can learn independently online and gain recognition of your achievement or be supported by NPTC Group of Colleges to gain a qualification.

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Learn independently with free courses on OpenLearn Cymru

There is no initial assessment and you can choose the level that best suits your ability and aspirations.

When you pass an Everyday Skills course, you will gain an Open University Statement of Participation and digital badge. Your achievement can be added to your employment profile and CV.

Learn with NPTC Group of Colleges’ support to gain a qualification

Contact us for support. You may be asked to sit an initial assessment.  We will guide you to the most suitable course and qualification for your skill level, either Everyday Skills courses or an Essential Skills qualification.

Benefits of study

By studying these courses, you will gain personal and professional benefits:

  • Support children with homework
  • Build your self-esteem and confidence
  • Enhance your job prospects and employability
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Become confident in completing forms accurately

Other Skills

The skills area also includes free courses and resources that can help develop your abilities in professional settings and help you get started with higher education study.