Students are expected to attend all sessions.

Only one episode of Authorised Absence is permitted in each half term without affecting your EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance)/FCF (Financial Contingency Fund)/WGLG (Welsh Government Learning Grant). This includes such things as driving tests, family funerals, etc. More details about Authorised and Unauthorised Absences can be found in the Student Zone on your campus.

Absences require evidence to be considered authorised. You must book an Authorised Absence in advance and provide the necessary evidence.

If you are off College ill, you must report your absence through before 9:30am for each day of illness. Failure to do so will affect your EMA being paid.

If your period of absence is more than 5 College days, you will need to provide a Doctor’s certificate on your return.

You will need to meet with your Course Tutor when you return to ensure that you are given the work that you have missed during your absence.

Please note that regular single day absences are not acceptable and will be challenged. They will also affect EMA and WGLG payments. Students should NOT arrange routine doctor/dentist appointments or driving lessons when they should be attending classes and holidays must NOT be taken in term time.