Absence Reporting

Students are expected to attend all sessions.

You are allowed 1 authorised absence per half term without affecting your EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance)/FCF (Financial Contingency Fund)/WGLG (Welsh Government Learning Grant).

Absences require evidence to be considered authorised.

You must book an Authorised Absence in advance and provide the necessary evidence.

If you are off sick, you must ring in every day between 8.00am and 9.30am on the Absence Line: 01639 648640. If you do not phone in by 9:30 am on each day of your illness your EMA will not be paid. Make sure you always have credit on your mobile or that you have access to a landline.

If your period of absence is more than 5 College days, you will need to provide a Doctor’s certificate on your return.