• Students must log their sickness on: before 9.30am for each day of illness.
  • Absences of more than 5 days require a doctor’s certificate.
  • EMA stops if sickness lasts more than 2 weeks.
  • High levels of sickness will be investigated.

Authorised Absences must be booked in advance at Only 1 period of absence per half term is allowed and high levels of authorised absences will be investigated.

Authorised Absences Include
  • Medical appointments which cannot be made outside of college hours – Evidence Required.
  • An employment interview or university visit – Evidence Required.
  • A work placement as part of the course – Evidence Required from Tutor.
  • Attendance at a wedding or funeral – No Evidence Required.
  • Attendance at court/probation meeting – Evidence Required.
  • A driving and theory test – Evidence Required.
  • A student representative meeting – Evidence Required from Senior Officer: Equality and Diversity
  • A student disciplinary meeting – Evidence Required from Head of School
  • Disruption to transport – No Evidence Required.
  • Caring responsibilities – No Evidence Required.
Unauthorised Absences
  • Holidays, these should be taken out of term time. These must be requested through your Tutor.
  • Employment which is not part of the course.
  • Birthdays or family celebrations.
  • Driving Lessons.

Students are encouraged to view the Attendance Policy in full. This is available on request at your Student Zone.

Funding is subject to being withdrawn/suspended at the discretion of Student Support where the student fails to attend regularly.

  • WGLG will not be paid unless attendance is above 90%.
  • EMA will not be paid unless 100% is reached, weekly.

You can contact Student Support at