• Students must log their sickness on: before 9.30am for each day of illness.
  • Absences of more than 5 days require a doctor’s certificate.
  • EMA stops if sickness lasts more than 2 weeks.
  • High levels of sickness will be investigated.

Authorised Absences must be booked in advance at Only 1 period of absence per half term is allowed and high levels of authorised absences will be investigated.

Authorised Absences Include
  • Religious Ceremony – No Evidence Required
  • Disruption to Transport – No Evidence Required
  • Emergency Leave – No Evidence Required
  • Bereavement – No Evidence Required
  • Dance Competition – Tutor to Authorise with Student Support
  • Sports Competition – Tutor to Authorise with Student Support
  • Attendance at a Wedding/Funeral – No Evidence Required
  • Caring Responsibilities – No Evidence Required
  • Meeting With Social Worker – Evidence Required
  • Employment Interview – Evidence Required
  • Attendance at a Court/Probation Meeting – Evidence Required
  • Medical Appointment (Doctor, Hospital, CAHMS, Dentist, Physio etc.) – Evidence Required
  • Driving Test/Theory Exam – Evidence Required
  • University Interview/Open Day/Entrance Exam
Unauthorised Absences

Unless your reason for absence is listed above, your leave from College will not be authorised

Students are encouraged to view the Attendance Policy in full. This is available on request at your Student Zone.

Funding is subject to being withdrawn/suspended at the discretion of Student Support where the student fails to attend regularly.

  • WGLG will not be paid unless attendance is above 90%.
  • EMA will not be paid unless 100% is reached, weekly.

You can contact Student Support at