James Llewellyn

Head of International Operations

James is the Head of International Operations. His role focuses on the operational responsibility of managing the College’s International portfolio to support relationship management with overseas agencies and building brand awareness overseas with particular reference to Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and skills.

Previously, James has held several positions at NPTC Group of Colleges, such as Engineering Apprentice, Mechanical Technician, Engineering Instructor, Mechanical Engineering Lecturer and Deputy Head of School in a high performing Engineering & Automotive department that provides full and part-time programmes of study designed to meet the needs of individuals and employers in Wales, the UK and overseas.

James has completed an Advanced Modern Apprenticeship Diploma in Mechanical Engineering; he graduated from the University of Glamorgan in Mechanical Engineering and Postgraduate Certificate in Education Teaching with the University of South Wales. James is also a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and Chartered Management Institute. He is also a fluent Welsh language speaker.

Connect James on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesllewellyn17/

E-mail: james.llewellyn@nptcgroup.ac.uk

Steve Rhodes

Assistant Principal for Worldwide Operations

Steve holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Degree in Graphic Design and a Master of Education Degree

His career began working as a Graphic Designer before entering the vocational education sector as a Lecturer of Graphic Design, progressing through the academic ranks before being appointed as the Assistant Principal of Worldwide Operations at NPTC Group of Colleges.

Being responsible for the College’s international portfolio, he regularly spends time overseas which he describes as a privilege and honour – going on to say that the more he travels and the more he meets people from different cultures and backgrounds, he recognises that we are all connected far more by the things that we have in common compared to our differences.

Steve has led large scale projects in China since 2005, working predominantly with the vocational education sector is China and is now one of the UK’s most experienced Further Education TVET (Technical, Vocational Education and Training) specialists. His skills, experience and profile have been recognised through his appointment of the Co-Chair of the China UK Vocational Education Cooperation and Development Committee.

Turning now to India, where Steve has been a regular visitor since 2011, he has led the team both on the ground in India and in the UK.

His role of Director of LSI (Language School International) Portsmouth is active and he has represented LSI globally.

Within the UK, he is the Chair of the Colleges Wales International Network.

E-mail: steve.rhodes@nptcgroup.ac.uk

Angela Gill

International Funding and Project Officer

Angela’s role focuses on the relationships and collaborations of the Worldwide Partnerships and Colleges, working closely with the Head of International Operations and the Assistant Principal for Worldwide Operations.

She is responsible for the Workstations programme which involves 20-30 Chinese Teachers coming to NPTC Group of Colleges for 14 weeks to take part in the PGCE programme; shadowing NPTC Group of Colleges lecturers and observing the westernised mythology of teaching practice.

She is responsible for the coordination of the programmes we offer Internationally and within the UK for International students including arranging VISA’s, travel and delegations.

Joining the International team, she has experienced a variety of wonderful opportunities to work closely with colleagues, teachers and students across the world.

Angela joined NPTC Group of Colleges in 2019.  She comes from a finance background, working in a major bank where her roles included Mortgage Manager and Relationship Manager before moving on to the Higher Education sector within the Procurement team.

E-mail: angela.gill@nptcgroup.ac.uk

Gagan Aggarwal 

India Associate

Gagan’s role predominantly focuses on providing NPTC Group of Colleges with high-quality skill-based opportunities across all subject areas. Additionally, he works closely with international clients and governments to establish new services for the group. 

He has 20+ years of experience, leveraging his expertise within the Indian ecosystem, facilitated market entry in India with expertise spanning requirement scoping, strategic planning, branding/marketing, and business development.  

Gagan is skilled in evaluating strategic fit of potential opportunities, consulting on new products/services for NPTC Group of Colleges. He is a powerful networker with an intricate understanding of key business drivers, know-how in formulating customised strategies, and the ability to execute with discipline & effectiveness. 

As a result of his efforts, NPTC Group of Colleges has established cross-border collaborations with key Indian institutions and Government agencies.

Connect with Gagan on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gaganaggarwal/  

E-mail: Gagan.aggarwal@nptcgroup.ac.uk  

Rita Fu

China Associate

Rita’s role predominantly focuses the connection between NPTC Group of Colleges and its CEBVEC Office in Beijing. Rita supports the Group’s activities and programmes throughout China, and supports both offices by ensuing NPTC Groups teacher training programs and Sino-foreign personnel cultivating programs meet the colleges’ needs and requirements.

Rita joined LSI Portsmouth, a subsidiary group owned by NPTC Group, in 2015 as a Marketing Officer and is responsible for recruiting students from Mainland China, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam. She has excellent communication skills in her languages, which has supported her career. She’s a native speaker of Mandarin, speaks English fluently and speaks Cantonese.

She has previous experience as a legal consultant in a legal firm in London and was responsible for visa applications and enrolments. Her background is in Investment and financial risk management at CASS Business School.

E-mail: Rita.Fu@nptcgroup.ac.uk

Megan Edwards Staff portrait

Megan Edwards

Administrative Assistant (International Operations)

Megan is the International Administration Assistant at the NPTC Group of Colleges. In her role, she provides support to the international team across all offices and is responsible for ensuring that the journey and experience of international students are of the highest priority, with a focus on pastoral support.

Megan’s responsibilities include assisting with current and future international programs and projects, coordinating cultural experiences across the United Kingdom and Wales, and serving as a primary point of contact. She also plays a vital role in assisting with the coordinating of schedules and timetables for international students.

Prior to her current role, Megan was an alumnus of the NPTC Group, having studied at the award-winning six-form academy and achieving excellent A Level grades. One of her subjects of study was Business Studies, which sparked her interest in international operations. She later gained international experience through a summer working in the United States as part of a summer camp program, leading her to her current role at NPTC Group.

Connect with Megan on LinkedIn : Megan Edwards | LinkedIn

E-mail : Megan.edwards@nptcgroup.ac.uk