Calving Simulator Arrival at Newtown College

Fronlas Farm at Newtown College welcomes the arrival of a Hereford Calving Simulator, one of only a few in the UK. The simulator which is almost life-sized, will help teach all factors relating to cow reproduction and will improve learning opportunities available to students by allowing them to practice calving skills before entering the workplace.

The simulator allows students to learn the calving process and assistance which is something that can be difficult to practice in advance. Agriculture lecturers remind students that most cows birth naturally unaided, but there are times that assistance is required for a safe delivery. With the simulator, students will be able to consider a normal presentation of a birthing calf and other different positions and postures. They can learn about the positioning of organs and become familiar with the feel of a correctly positioned calf and what to do if this is not the case.

Agriculture lecturer Kath Jones said: ‘We are so lucky to have this fantastic hands-on educational tool, most of these simulators can only be found in veterinary colleges. This will allow our students practical experience in a controlled environment. They can consider the correct techniques to aid complicated births, along with the role of ropes and the use of calf jacks to correct dystocia, positioning of organs, manipulation techniques of the unborn calf and other factors relating to parturition. Our students will gain a good understanding of calving and will be better equipped to deal with emergency situations in the workplace should they arise’.

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