Course Overview

AAT (The Association of Accounting Technicians) Courses offered give students the opportunity to gain experience and to progress in their accounting careers. Courses consist of three levels.

Each level represents a qualification in its own right. Students receive a certificate for each level achieved. Registration with AAT is required and the cost of this is paid directly to the professional body.

This qualification covers a range of essential and higher-level accounting techniques and disciplines. Students will learn and develop skills needed for a range of financial processes, including maintaining cost accounting records, advanced bookkeeping and the preparation of financial reports and returns

Units include Financial Accounting: Preparating Financial Statements, Management Accounting (including Spreadsheets), Business Awareness and Tax Processes for Business which will provide a good breadth of understanding for the new accounting employee or those wishing to enter the accounting environment.

For further information about AAT and the qualifications offered visit their qualifications and courses website page at:

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