Student Satisfaction

The National Student Survey (NSS)

The NSS is a high-profile annual census of nearly half a million students across the UK and has been conducted annually since 2005.

The NSS gathers students’ opinions on the quality of their courses which helps to:
• inform prospective students’ choices
• provide data that supports universities and colleges to improve the student experience
• support public accountability.

Every university in the UK takes part in the NSS, as do many Colleges.

Graduate Outcomes

The Graduate Outcomes Survey is the biggest annual social survey in the UK and captures the perspectives and current status of graduates. All graduates who completed a higher education course in the UK will be asked to take part in the survey 15 months after they finish their studies.

Discover Uni

Discover Uni (Previously known as Unistats) is an official source of information about higher education. It includes official statistics about higher education courses taken from national surveys and data collected from universities and colleges about all their students.

Every course that is eligible for Discover Uni will have a widget at the bottom of the course page with a link to more statistics and information via the Discover Uni Website. The widget will look something like one of the two pictures below.

Due to our small class sizes, there is sometimes not enough data gathered for the discover uni widget to display statistics, in this case, the widget will look like the below. You can still follow the link to see course information.