Success With Flying Colours for Art Student

Minka received a Distinction in her UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma and is an outstanding student and very talented artist.

She specialised in contemporary portraiture and has produced many fabulous pieces’ large scale and small. While she is interested in documenting people, their bodies, and the way they hold themselves through art, she has produced numerous animal pictures in oil paints and inks. Minka is also talented at other techniques including pastel chalks. She builds her work from sketches to larger scale paintings.

During the pandemic, she redirected her work from those figures she saw in person to imagery from books and magazines and even produced a self-portrait. Her inspiration comes from the belief in the importance of tangible pieces of art that can be appreciated in their physical presence, in an age where digital imagery is dominating our landscapes. She takes influence and vision from artists such as Welsh painter Kevin Sinnot and Greyson Perry.

Minka is now taking on commissions and has decided to take a gap year in Mid Wales and then plans to do a Fine Art degree in September 2021.

Minka said ‘I’d highly recommend the Art and Design course for anyone looking to expand their confidence and skills, as well as learning more about the creative industries. I found all the tutors helpful and friendly, and the college was great overall.’

Her Tutor Rob Loupart said ‘Minka has a fantastic talent and we wish her and all our students who are moving on all the best in their future endeavours’.