Favourite in Amazing Transformation

Level 3 Motor Vehicle students at Newtown College got a rare opportunity to learn more about future electric battery operated technologies, when they got to view an electric conversion of a classic Fiat 500 thanks to Electric Classic Cars of Mid Wales.

The Fiat 500 has all the character of a classic with a modern twist. The motor is mounted at the back (giving more luggage space at the front), and includes three battery packs with a hidden charge point under the Fiat badge.

The students took a keen interest in the set up, with the speed and power advantages of electric quickly realised. As a classic enthusiast, Tom Watkins, technician at the college took particular interest.

Dan Pritchard, Motor Vehicle lecturer said that training in hybrids and electrics were ‘an area the college were currently looking into. This new vehicle technology is going to play an important role in the future of the industry and it’s great to see examples of classics like the Fiat converted, and to know that this and others are available to view on our doorstep.’

Electric Classic Cars is based in Mid Wales and has produced a number of classic conversions which include a 911 Porsche, a 1972 Range Rover and a BMW E9. The business owned by Richard Morgan has quickly grown and Richard said ‘how important it was that students now learn about electric vehicles to support both current builds and conversions. There will be a greater demand in the forthcoming years for this knowledge and its surprising how many misconceptions already exist about battery powered cars.’

You can find out more about electric classics at www.electricclassiccars.co.uk

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