Bronze Medal for Megan Eayrs

One of our Foundation Studies students who celebrated success this year was Megan Eayrs. Megan took part in the Inclusive Skills Wales competition earlier in the year and was awarded a Bronze medal in the table laying challenge.

Students on our full-time Foundation Studies course develop key skills through a person centred approach and study support. This way students can gain confidence through developing skills around their interests and at the same time progress social and emotional skills.

Megan Eayrs is one such student that excelled in her area of interest in hospitality.

Lecturer Fleur Grigg praised Megan’s courage and determination in entering the competition. Fleur explained that the Foundation course encourages students to develop their self-confidence through their interests.

The Inclusive Skills Wales competition held earlier in the year involved students from across Wales. Megan kept her cool and presented a winning table achieving Bronze position. Regrettably, the celebration event was cancelled due to Covid 19. Nevertheless, Megan was proud to receive her medal which arrived in the post during lockdown. She was also entered for the Skills Competition Wales which is on hold for the time being.

Lecturer Amanda Cruse said: ‘Megan puts a lot of effort into all her work and we were pleased to receive a photograph of her beaming with her medal. She deserved it. Good luck in the future Megan.’

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