NPTC Group of Colleges Has Joined the Movement to Create Carer-Confident Workplaces Across Wales and Support Working Carers

NPTC Group of Colleges has become a member of Employers for Carers. Supported by the specialist knowledge of Carers UK and Carers Wales, Employers for Carers delivers hands-on advice to employers on how to support the estimated 1 in 4 of the workforce who are or will become carers.

Employees in every industry are balancing their jobs with unpaid caring responsibilities. Before the pandemic, it was estimated that 223,000 employees in Wales also had caring responsibilities, a number that was estimated to have risen to 345,000 at the height of the pandemic. It is critical for employers to consider the impact this has on the individual and support them so that they can stay in the workforce. Keeping more carers in work has a triple benefit; for the carer ensuring they have a life outside caring, the business by retaining valued and experienced employees and the economy by having more people in work.

Eleanor Glew, Vice Principal Operational Services from NPTC Group of Colleges says:

“NPTC Group of Colleges aims to support staff with caring responsibilities. Employers for Carers Wales have offered a range of support which we believe will assist in achieving this aim and we look forward to working with them to further enhance our existing working practices”.

Catherine Reynolds, Employers for Carers Officer, Wales Hub says:

“We are so pleased that NPTC Group of Colleges have joined Employers for Carers. Their choice to partner with us will provide vital support for staff with caring responsibilities in what can be a challenging time to balance work and care. In addition, working with the College will help to raise awareness of issues affecting carers across Wales and support in reaching all carers across different communities.”

In support of our staff, on Thursday 3rd March at 3pm, the College will be hosting our links Jane Healey and Catherine Reynolds from Employers from Carers in an online webinar discussing the following:

– Role of the Carer
– How to speak to your line manager about your caring responsibilities
– Carers legal rights
– How to look after your Health and Wellbeing as a carer
– Employers for Carers workers guide
– Support resources; and more

You can find the link here!