A Partnership for Business Success

NPTC Group of Colleges has joined forces with Tiqani Inc, to help develop a skilled workforce and support businesses helping them to work more efficiently and effectively.

The collaboration will help bridge the gap between academia, vocational and on-the-job development for a wide range of industries. It will give leaders and HR professionals the opportunity of accessing bespoke British Certified Talent Development programmes designed for their individual corporate needs.

Tiqani Inc, which was formed in 2009, is a provider of talent development solutions made up of a team of coaches, trainers, and consultants who come from different backgrounds with decades of on-the-job expertise. It has bases in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Canada and has supported businesses across the globe.

James Llewellyn, Head of International at NPTC Group of Colleges said: “We are very excited to announce that Tiqani Inc. and NPTC Group of Colleges have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate and work together to develop a skilled workforce, maximizing potential to help businesses work more effectively and efficiently.”