Another Brick in the Wall

Brickaying students building a fireplace.

Level 1 bricklaying students at Newtown College were eager to prove that they were more than ready for the next step in their careers as they were challenged with learning Level 3 skills.

Students studying on the Level 1 Multiskill Diploma in Construction cover a knowledge of health and safety, practical and theory sessions, as well as the learning the basics in bricklaying skills. The cohort that started in September will go on to seek apprenticeships or further study.

However, brickwork lecturer Richard Jones at Newtown College was so impressed with the learners’ skills, who had finished their assessments schedule early, decided to set them a challenge. It included learning higher level skills such as dentil courses, dog toothing and arch construction. This is normally work that students would encounter doing a Level 3 qualification. The students rose to the challenge.

Richard said: ‘The students have worked hard and have been working at a higher level for some time, so I decided to set them a challenge to do some more decorative brick work akin to Level 3. I was pleased to see that they rose to the challenge and produced some really good quality work. It has demonstrated to me, that they were motivated to take their skills to the next level which is what I want to see at Level 1.’

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