NPTC Group Creative, Visual and Performance Arts visit to India

Creative Visual and Performing Arts lecturers during their trip to India

NPTC Group of Colleges had the opportunity to send the Director of Academic Studies and Head of School for Creative, Visual, and Performing Arts, Victoria Burroughs, and Deputy Head of School, Shayne Phillips, to India earlier this year to explore potential partnerships and collaborations. This visit was facilitated through the Taith programme and with the support of the Legends of India, who are an organisation in Delhi.

Both Vicky and Shayne had a wonderful time in India meeting partners from many different colleges and universities. Their first meeting in New Delhi began with the Government of India Ambassador Suresh Goel Director General of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations and Co-ordinator of Legends of India Lecture Series along with the great Chairman of Legends of India Dipayan Mazumdar. A very successful discussion which has presented exciting opportunities for both staff and students from each side.

Collaborations between NPTC Group of Colleges and India partners have brought forward new innovative ideas to create immersion programmes for Indian students to be involved in, to learn more about the Welsh culture and history of performing arts. There have been proposed ideas for staff and student mobility to India, to engage in activities and programmes to have a better understanding of Indian culture and performing arts, and to work as one to create a seamless Welsh-Indian partnership. This also includes many opportunities for dance and film projects.

Whilst in India, both staff members visited the prestigious arts centre, Triveni Kala Sangam, where they met with the curator and artists of the Trimming the Light exhibition. Through this, they were able to gain an insight into different Indian dance forms and even observed a sculpture class. As well as this, Vicky and Shayne also had the opportunity to watch a performance from renowned Santoor artist and music composer Dishari Chakraborty. They were also fortunate enough to see a performance from musician Sourabh Goho.

Both Vicky and Shayne were privileged to visit Calcutta International School to see the wonderful Art and Design work that the students had produced with guidance from their very talented Head of Department, Subrata Ghosh.

Time was spent discussing future collaborative projects, particularly regarding A Level Photography along with a staff exchange programme.

Collaborating with Indian students and artists will provide an enriching experience for students and staff at NPTC Group of Colleges, and it will create a meaningful cultural dialogue between the two nations. We envision collaborative performances, workshops, and cultural exchanges to highlight our students’ talent and skills to strengthen the bonds between Wales and India.

Victoria Burroughs only had positive comments to say about her visit to India: “I was very fortunate to visit India with my colleague, Shayne Phillips, and meet with officials from the Indian Government, professional artists from the creative hubs of New Delhi and Kolkata in India and leading figures in the international schools and universities.  The visit was organised by the Indian Arts organisation, Legends of India and together we enjoyed and learnt so much from our packed and exciting itinerary, which is all centred around collaborative projects and partnership working.  The support we had from the NPTC Group of Colleges International team was outstanding.

The visit made us reflect on our art practices in Wales and this amazing experience will bring our students and colleagues many exciting opportunities”.

Shayne Phillips spoke highly of her visit as she said: “April 2023 brought about my first experience of international travel through NPTC Group of Colleges. I was very grateful to have the opportunity to visit India with my Head of School Victoria Burroughs through our very professional International team in collaboration with Legends of India, who supported us tremendously both in the lead-up to our trip and during our stay. Having never travelled this far, I was apprehensive and just slightly outside my comfort zone, however, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, this was the best experience I have had in my 26 years of teaching and lecturing. Visiting cultural centres in New Delhi and Kolkata provided us with a wonderful insight into the rich and varied range of creative industries that take pride of place within the Indian cultural ethos. Following a well-planned and busy itinerary, we had the opportunity to forge relationships with a range of artists and educational centres, leading to the development of plans for future collaboration. A wonderful experience and one which I will remember as a key highlight in my career. A big thank you to Vicky, our International Team, and Legends of India, for making this such a special visit with so many possible outcomes moving forward.”

NPTC Group of Colleges are looking forward to continuing to foster cultural exchanges and collaborations with partners in India.