Environmental Policy

NPTC Group of Colleges is a Tertiary and Further Education institution based in the Neath Port Talbot County Borough. The College offers over 370 courses to cater for 12,257 learners on a part-time or full-time basis and employs over 800 members of staff. NPTC Group of Colleges premises comprise of eight campuses which have a gross internal area of 42.191m² and are located across three (3) counties: Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council, City & County of Swansea and Bridgend County Borough Council.

The College offers an exciting and wide ranging programme of courses to suit most needs either on a part-time or full-time basis and include: Adult Learning; Building Engineering Services; Business Management & Leisure Studies; Catering, Baking & Hospitality; Computing & IT; Construction & the Built Environment; Creative, Visual & Performing Arts; Engineering; Health, Social & Childcare; Horticulture, Hairdressing & Beauty; Mathematics & Science; Sport & Public Service; Social Studies & Languages; and Pre-Vocational Studies.

At NPTC Group of Colleges, we recognise that all our activities have some form of environmental impact at local, regional and global levels. Therefore, we strive to carry out all activities in an environmentally responsible way, adopting a sustainable approach to all our operations to minimise any adverse effects they have on the environment. We aim to achieve this through:

  • Setting an annual 5% energy reduction target in line with the Welsh Government Environmental objectives
  • Making more efficient use of our natural resources
  • Improved management, monitoring and assessment of energy and water usage through advanced meter monitoring systems
  • Staff/student awareness and training initiatives
  • Implementation of the 2005 Waste Management Review recommendations which state that up to 85% of waste can be reused and recycled
  • Reducing our emissions to the air through our Travel Management Plan

At NPTC Group of Colleges, we are also dedicated to ensuring full compliance with environmental legislation, preventing pollution and are committed to the principle of continued environmental improvement. We endeavour to meet our commitments through:

  • Monitoring and reviewing NPTC Group of Colleges’ environmental performance, making improvements and amendments where necessary
  • Carrying out regular checks to ensure full legal compliance
  • An Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan helps prevent pollution at the College, ensuring spill kits of the right size are easily accessible
  • Raising staff awareness via training courses and departmental meetings on environmental issues (standing agenda item).

NPTC Group of Colleges will endeavour to ensure full implementation and compliance of our Environmental Policy and will update the Policy annually as part of the annual environmental review of the entire of NPTC Group of Colleges Environmental Management System.

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Documents List
ENV000 EMS Index – NPTC
ENV00 Roles and Responsibilities 2014 – Updated
ENV01 Environmental Policy 2014 draft
ENV02 Environmental Statement version 5
ENV03 Environmental Review Update 2014 – NPTC Group
ENV04 Register of Environmental Legislation Version 2014 – Post Audit Version
ENV05 Environmental Compliance Checklist
ENV06 Waste Management Table 2014 – Updated
ENV08 Aspects Register version 2 October 2014 – Updated
ENV09 Objectives and Targets version 2
ENV10 Emergency Preparedness PCP 2014 – Updated
ENV11 Monitoring Environmental Performance
ENV12 Training 2014 – Updated
ENV13 Related Documents
ENV14 EMS index – NPTC
ENV15 EMS Introduction – NPTC
ENV16 Environmental Review Monitoring and Measuring Procedure 2014 – Update
ENV17 Managing Legal Compliance Procedure – NPTC
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ENV20 Emergency Preparedness Procedure – NPTC
ENV21 External Communication Procedure – NPTC
ENV22 Internal Communication Procedure 2014
ENV23 Environmental Statement Procedure – Updated
ENV24 Dealing with Chemical spills
ENV25 Plan against spreading of invasive species
ENV26 Document Control Procedure – NPTC
ENV27 Conformance Reporting and Corrective Action Procedure 2014
ENV27 Conformance Reporting and Corrective Action Procedure_Llandarcy Oil Spill 2012
ENV28 Related College Procedures and their Locations – NPTC
Environmental Review Update 2014 – NPTC Group