Norland Nanny Visit

Students at Newtown College were lucky enough to have a guest speaker through their doors. Kate Morgan from the esteemed Norland College visited the students from the Childcare course to present on what it’s really like to be one of the prestigiously recognised Norland Nannies.


Norland specialises in early year’s education and has a world-class reputation, spanning over 127 years. Norland was crowned the winner of the Independent Higher Education Award at the Whatuni Student Choice Awards (WUSCA) in 2019.


Kate spoke to Level 2 and 3 Childcare students at the College and answered their eagerly awaited questions. Through the presentation, Kate shared information on what types of career placements and salary a Norland nanny can achieve as well as some of the more usual training they undertook including skid driving courses and self-defence and she outlined the benefits of training at such high standards to become one of the best of the best.


For some college students, this is the next step for them to peruse their dreams of being involved in early year’s education with the Norland Nanny College allowing students to enrol on two a BA (Hons) Early Years Development and learning alongside the prestigious Norland Diploma.


Students from the college thoroughly enjoyed the educational talk with some students even planning to visit Norland College in Bath to consider it as the next step on their career path.


Last year student Libby Cawley from the Newtown Childcare course was lucky enough to secure one of the limited places to attend the College.