NPTC Group of Colleges Signs Menopause Workplace Pledge

NPTC Group of Colleges has pledged its support to women working across the College by signing the Menopause Workplace Pledge. The key objective of the initiative is to encourage women going through menopause to know that they can – and should – be fully supported in the workplace.  

An estimated 900,000 women in the UK have quit their jobs due to menopause, with research showing many struggle to manage their symptoms at work, and by signing the pledge the College commits to recognising that menopause is an issue in the workplace; to talk openly, positively and respectfully about it; and to actively support our employees.

The College already has a network of staff who meet termly to discuss how menopause has affected them, and share any tips they have picked up along the way to manage the symptoms as well as creating a support page for Menopause for staff to access. This menopause toolkit includes information on understanding what Menopause is, starting a menopause conversation with your doctor, myths and facts about symptoms and helpful advice that staff can access to manage symptoms.  

Catherine Lewis, Deputy Principal and Deputy CEO was delighted to sign the pledge and join over 400 other organisations showing support. She said:

“We are proud to sign the pledge to support women in our College who are going through menopause. We recognise that symptoms can be challenging to manage and we’re committed to supporting those who experience this.”