This section covers information on the institution’s strategy and management of financial resources. The Finance Unit provides accounting, procurement, and contracting services, helping to make the best use of resources and fulfilling statutory responsibilities.  Information that may damage the institution’s commercial interests will be excluded from publication.

2.1 Finance

This class includes financial policies and procedures.

Budget Preparation & Allocation Paper Free
Budgetary Control Paper Free
Grant Income & the Proper Use of Funds Paper Free
Payment of Salaries & Wages Paper Free
Payment of Travel & Subsistence Expenses Paper Free
Orders for Works, Goods & Services Paper Free
Tendering Procedures Paper Free
Payment of Creditors Paper Free
Credit Income Paper Free
Tuition Fee Refunds Paper Free
Debt Recovery & Write-Off Policy Paper Free
Procedures & Bank Reconciliation Paper Free
Banking Arrangements, Collection & Deposit Paper Free
Petty Cash Paper Free
Treasury Management Paper Free
Inventories, Stocks & Stores & Security Paper Free
Insurances Paper Free
Unofficial Funds Paper Free
Catering Paper Free
General Ledger & Chart of Accounts Paper Free
Value for Money Paper Free
Retention of Documents Paper Free
Controlled Stationery Paper Free
Reporting of Losses Paper Free
Acquisition of Fixed Assets, Disposals & Depreciation Paper Free
Conflict of Interest Paper Free
Data Protection Paper Free
Audit Arrangements & Responsibilities Paper Free
Subsidiary Companies Paper Free
Fraud & Corruption Paper Free
Car Mileage Allowances Paper Free
Approved Limits of Expenditures Paper Free
List of Approved Budget Holders Paper Free

2.2 Resource Planning


This class includes information that defines how the College undertakes its planning and resource allocation, how it regulates the deployment of resources and how it publishes the outcomes.

Policy & Procedure on Procurement Paper Free
Annual Audited Accounts Paper Free
Annual Budget (as appears in the final accounts) Paper Free
Financial Memorandum between ELWa [formerly FEFCW] and the College Paper Free
Institutional Plan 2003 – 2006
2004 – 2007
Paper Free
Annual College Report Paper Free
Internal Audit Plan Paper Free
Internal Audit Reports Paper Free
Risk Management Strategy Paper Free