Institutions are often substantial land and property owners in their own right. Classes in this section cover information at a strategic level relating to the institution’s management of its physical resources. Information that provides specific details of the institution’s future plans to alter its estate (e.g. proposals to purchase an additional property) may be exempt from disclosure where such disclosure would damage the institution’s commercial interests.

4.1 Estates


This class includes the following information:

Estates Strategy Paper Free
Procurement Strategy
(Cross-reference to Section 2.1)
Paper Free
Procurement Policy & Procedures
(Cross-reference to Section 2.2)
Paper Free
Cleaning Specification Paper Free
Grounds Maintenance Specification Paper Free
Risk Management Strategy
(Cross-reference to Section 2.2)
Paper Free
ELWa Estates Management Manual
Paper Free
Committee Minutes Health & Safety Committee
Estates Working Group
Space Management Committee (Minutes will be available following their approval at the next scheduled meeting. Minutes will only be routinely published for meetings held on or after 1 January 2004).
Paper Free