Q. What are the differences between school and college?

A. Similarities include attending lessons, behaving appropriately, completing homework etc. Differences include no uniform and a more relaxed environment and freedom.

Q. How much work will be given?

A. This will vary from course to course, but all students on full-time courses should be spending some time each week on work outside classes, which can include research for assignments and extra/supplementary reading as well as set homework. Homework will, of course, increase at certain periods of the year, such as prior to examinations or assignment deadlines.

Q. Will a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma allow progression to University?

A. Yes. BTEC Level 3 Extended Diplomas are equivalent to 3 A-Levels. The Higher Education Team can be contacted at higher_education_enq@nptcgroup.ac.uk

Q. Will I still be able to carry on receiving Child Benefits if my son/daughter/ young person stays on at College?

A. If your student is 16, 17 or 18 and learning full-time, you will still be able to carry on receiving Child Benefits and Child Tax Credits. Similarly, your benefits will not be affected if your child receives EMA or WGLG funding.

Q. What eating and drinking facilities are available?

A. A wide variety of meals, snacks, and drinks are available in College from Monday to Friday. These are available in the Refectory on each site. Vegetarian options are available. Vending Machines are also available on all sites.

Q. Who do I contact if I have a concern relating to religious, cultural or equality issues?

A. In the first instance, please contact Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Officer at diversity@nptcgroup.ac.uk

Q. Do you need help with student finance like EMA/WGLG/bus passes or any money worries?

A. Drop into Student Support and speak to the team or email studentsupport@nptcgroup.ac.uk

Q. Do you need support for health, well-being, or any personal matters whilst at college?

A. Speak to the Well-being Team at Student Support or email wellbeing@nptcgroup.ac.uk

Q. Would you like to speak to a College Counsellor?

A. Email counsellorreferral@nptcgroup.ac.uk

Q. Would you like to discuss your course choice, careers or applying to University?

A. Speak to Admissions at Student Support or email admissions@nptcgroup.ac.uk

Q. Do you need to speak to someone about an additional learning need or difficulty, or any additional support needed at college?

A. Email additionallearningneeds@nptcgroup.ac.uk for advice on assistive technology, help with transitioning into college, being assigned a point of contact that can assist you in your studies or studysupport@nptcgroup.ac.uk to arrange in-class support.

Q. Are you struggling with college work, or do you want to improve your grades?

A. Speak to the Study Skills Coaches Team at Student Support for revision support or email studyskillscoaches@nptcgroup.ac.uk

Q. Do you need help with UCAS applications for University?

For UCAS applications, contact UCAS@nptcgroup.ac.uk

Q. Do you need a quiet space to study or relax away from a busy college life?

A. Speak to the Student Support team at your Student Zone.

Q. Is the College accessible?

A. The College has many accessible features, such as accessible toilets, lifts, ramps for wheelchairs and Automatic Doors.

Q. How do I report an absence?

A. You report an absence by logging into Learner Hub, and selecting absences, on the left-hand menu.

Q. How many years can I claim Education Maintenance Allowance?

EMA can only be claimed for 3 years. Once this has passed, students will need to move onto Welsh Government Learning Grant (WGLG) as long as they are 19+

Q. How many years can I claim Welsh Government Learning Grant?

WGLG is awarded to students only where progression can be shown. This is usually demonstrated as completing L1, L2, L3. Students who are jumping courses or studying different courses at the same level will not be able to demonstrate progression.

Q. Is there a fund to help with free college meals, like students can claim in School?

A. Yes, the Financial Contingency Fund is available and can support with free meals, transport, childcare, course equipment, course trips and emergency payments. Contact the Student Support team at studentsupport@nptcgroup.ac.uk for further information.

Q. When can I collect my exam certificates?

Q. Students are responsible for enquiring with the Reception on their campus about whether their certificates have arrived. The college only retains certificates for 3 years after the date of issue.

Q. How much are course fees?

A. A full-time course costs £25.00 to enrol. Part-time fees vary, contact finance@nptcgroup.ac.uk for a price based on the course you would like to study.

Q. What do I do, if I would like to drop out of College?

A. Please speak to your Personal Tutor first, who can then refer you to Student Support if finances, revision, disability or well-being is affecting your studies. Student Support can refer students who are unsure of their study status to Careers Wales who can provide specialist advice and guidance.

Q. What do I do if I have heard, seen or know that something isn’t quite right at home?

A. You can call into Student Support on your campus or email safeguarding@nptcgroup.ac.uk to discreetly report concerns. Safeguarding Team members can be clearly identified across our campuses, by their yellow lanyards.

Q. Is there a way students can get involved with student activities or feedback on College services?

A. Yes, students can become Student Representatives and collectively come together to feedback issues or propose changes. Students can also join the Student Union to create activities/clubs/societies. Call into Student Support, if you are interested. Meetings are held with Students and Senior Management Team on an annual basis to feedback on issues which are then implemented, if appropriate.

Q. What support does the Additional Learning Team offer at the College?

A. The ALN team offer support with: transitioning in and out of college, in-class support, personal hygiene for disabled students, providing specialist technology to help with your studies, assigning you a Wellbeing Officer or a member of the ALN team to keep in touch with and/or arranging exam access arrangements.

Q. Where can I get a letter to prove I’m a student?

A. Student Support can provide a letter in person, by post or email you a copy. Please contact us at studentsupport@nptcgroup.ac.uk

Q. I would like to do an apprenticeship, can the College help?

A. Yes, the College has a Pathways department that can help with finding a provider to carry out their apprenticeship with. Email pathwaysadmin@nptcgroup.ac.uk for more information.

Q. Does the College offer student accommodation?

A. The College offers accommodation only, where a student is travelling to College and the journey is more than an hour and a half, each way. This only applies Monday-Friday, during Term time. Email studentsupport@nptcgroup.ac.uk for advice. Accommodation is not emergency housing, students will need to seek appropriate support from their Local Authority.

Q. Will I need to purchase equipment for my course?

A. Yes, potentially. Your Tutor will explain which equipment is needed on your first week at College. Students in receipt of FCF funding can claim back half of their cost by providing receipts to studentsupport@nptcgroup.ac.uk

Q. I would like to study a part-time course, how do I apply for this?

A. Email our Business Development Unit team on business@nptcgroup.ac.uk

Q. I would like to study a full-time course, how do I apply for this?

A. Go to our website and look for the apply now button. You will then be called for an interview with the relevant Tutor, who will assess suitability for the course and confirm your enrolment if appropriate. If the Tutor feels a different course would be more suitable, this advice will be provided to you.

Q. What courses do the College offer?

A. The College offers courses from GCSEs, Access Courses, A Levels, Practical Diploma courses to Higher Education courses.