NPTC Group of Colleges Student Union is for the students, run by the students bridging the gap between students and college management, ensuring their voices are heard at  a senior level.

What does the NPTC Group of Colleges Student Union Do?

The Student’s Union is designed to not only represent the voices of the students and align with the ‘Student Involvement Strategy’ it is also there as a method of engaging students across all the campuses in socialising and creating a community feeling. We hope to hold events to bring students together and make an atmosphere – more than just an education, a lifestyle.

Why did you decide to start the Student Union?

We wanted to make it a more attractive place for students. A college is a place where you stop for a short period of time, but where friendships, skills, and qualifications can last forever. We wanted students to feel that it is a connected environment that they are able to enjoy.

Why should students join the Student Union?

The Students Union is an opportunity to make friends and enjoy the diverse and vibrant college atmosphere. The Union gives you another opportunity to have your voice heard, if you don’t speak up about what works and what doesn’t work, improvements can’t be made.

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