Student Union

NPTC Group of Colleges Student Union is for the students, run by the students bridging the gap between students and college management, ensuring their voices are heard at senior level.

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Current SU President Harri Mason-Evans is a current A Level Applied Business and Welsh Baccalaureate student, the founder and president of the Colleges’ interact club, works on numerous projects in the College and still finds time to work part time as Swimming Teacher and Young Trustee Project Coordinator Neath Port Talbot Children’s Rights Unit.

What does the NPTC Group of Colleges Student Union Do?

The Student’s Union is designed to not only represent the Voices of the students and align with the ‘Student Involvement Strategy’ it is also there as a method of engaging students across all the campuses in socialising and creating a community feeling. We hope to hold events to bring students together and make an atmosphere – more than just an education, a life style.

Why did you decide to start the Student Union?

We wanted to make it a more attractive place for students. A college is a place where you stop for a short period of time, but where friendships, skills and qualifications can last forever. We wanted students to feel that it is a connected environment that they are able to enjoy.

Why should students join the Student Union?

The Students Union is an opportunity to make friends and enjoy the diverse and vibrant college atmosphere. The Union gives you another opportunity to have your voice heard, if you don’t speak up about what works and what doesn’t work, improvements can’t be made.

What do you hope to achieve as President of the SU?

I want to empower students and give them a voice, I was given the opportunity to train ‘Student Reps’, who are key in feeding back information into the Union and wider quality measures in the college such as the student.

My passion is young person engagement, my part time work is focused around engaging young people in governance and I’d like this to be applied in the college. Students are customers of the college and it’s important that they have their say to enhance their learning experience.

What is your most memorable experience at College so far?

In my time at College I have learnt a lot! Not only in my lectures but in my social circles and extracurricular activities. I even had the opportunity to travel to Catania, Italy to experience their culture and business set up there.

Apart from  doing all the serious stuff, I’ve actually developed a great social life! Being a student has taught me the importance of having a learning, working and life balance. I have had great Teaching Staff, support from the Senior Management Team and Heads of Functional Areas as well as growing into a strong friendship group.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about coming to NPTC Group of Colleges?

Don’t hesitate! NPTC Group of Colleges is somewhere where you can thrive.

There are many opportunities for students, it’s important to understand that from what you give to the college, you will see a return on your investment of time and effort in the future.

Don’t forget it is important to have fun too!

Harri and other students in Italy as part of their Business Course