The college aims to create an environment where all staff and students, whatever their background or ability, feel equally welcomed and valued, and where discrimination and harassment is not tolerated. We are committed to providing a learning and working environment where everyone is encouraged, supported and enabled to achieve their full potential without barriers.


The college runs equality-related events and campaigns throughout the year to raise awareness of important issues including LGBT History Month, Black History Month, and Mental Health Awareness Week. We have a comprehensive Moodle page full of equality information and resources for students and staff.

Equality, diversity, fairness, and respect are important parts of the student ESTEP tutorial programme, and all students are taught these issues throughout the year. All staff are also given Equality & Diversity training as soon as they start working at the college.

The college Student Union has a dedicated Equality and Diversity Officer, and they work closely with the college staff on events and campaigns on the issues that matter to students.

Are you passionate about an equality-related issue and want to run a campaign yourself? Get in touch with the Student Union, who will be happy to support you!


Our Senior Student Involvement and Diversity Officer provides expert advice and support to students from the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning) community, prospective students, and staff who want to support LGBTQ students – contact them to arrange a chat.

The Student Union has an LGBTQ Society which is open to all students who are LGBTQ or questioning and want to learn more, as well as allies to the community. The LGBTQ Society is a fun and relaxed place for students to meet others and support each other. They hold regular socials on different campuses, as well as trips to local Pride events.

The Student Union also has dedicated LGBTQ Officers on each campus, whose role is to provide support to any LGBTQ students. You can contact them at the link below.

The college has Guidance on Supporting Trans Students, which outlines our commitment to trans equality, and provides staff with practical guidance on how to support trans students through transition and beyond. If you are a trans student who needs support, you can either speak to your personal tutor, the Student Support Team, or the Senior Student Involvement and Diversity Officer.

Find us on Facebook: Student Union LGBTQ Society

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Gender Neutral Toliets

All students are entitled to have access to facilities of the gender they wish to be known as and identify with. NPTC Group of Colleges has a number of gender-neutral and accessible toilets on all campuses, which can be used to students and staff of any gender.


The college has a Strategic Equality Plan, which aims to embed the principles of equality, diversity, respect, and fair treatment into all that we do.

We have an Equality & Diversity Policy, which sets out our commitment to ensure that staff, students, and users of the College are treated fairly and with equity in all areas.

We also publish annual Equality reports, which include detailed statistics, and a summary of the work undertaken and progress made with regard to equality.

Equality monitoring is very important, for several reasons:

  • data is reported on each year and trends and changes are noted over time
  • data helps to inform college policies and procedures
  • data shows the breakdown of students at the college and helps to ensure that everybody is well represented

Although it may not seem that this information is relevant to your studies, it helps the college improve our services, communication, policies, and more.

Bullying and Harassment

NPTC Group of Colleges has a zero-tolerance approach to harassment and bullying. Harmful or offensive comments or behaviour on the grounds of race, religion or belief, marital status, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity will not be tolerated and are taken extremely seriously by the college.

If at any time you are being bullied and/or harassed or you know of anyone being treated in this way by other students or members of staff, you should inform your personal tutor, course coordinator or someone from the Student Support team.

Contract the Diversity Equality and Inclusion Officer: