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All A-Level and GCSE Exam Results are available on Thursday the 2nd and 3rd of August each year.

Results will be available from the campus which you studied at.

If you are unable to collect your results on result day or wish for a relative to collect your results on your behalf, please contact our exams department:

Results for Vocational courses will be available when you are still in college, but this may differ from course to course. Speak to your programme leader about vocational course results.

Certificates for A Level/GCSE subjects arrive usually during October. All other certificates usually arrive within two months of successful completion.

It is the student’s responsibility to enquire with the campus office/exams officer if certificates have arrived. We do not send out a letter confirming certificates have arrived.

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After one year, certificates will go back to the awarding bodies,  from where copies will need to be requested. Please note, this will incur a charge from the awarding body.

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